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Enjoy NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Cortado. Inspired by Spanish coffee culture, our Cortado is an intense espresso, literaly “cut” with warm milk - similar to an espresso macchiato. Delight in its powerful roasted coffee aromas and toasted almond and pecan notes, combined with creamy whole milk, topped with a nutty coloured crema.

Our talented coffee creators have blended powerful Robusta coffee beans and fruity Arabica coffee, to design the intense, aromatic and round taste profile of Cortado.
Our high pressure machines (up to 15 bars), prepare professional quality coffees, with a dense, velvety crema.
Coffee freshness is preserved in our hermetically sealed capsules, for a rich and aromatic cup every time.
Simply slide your Cortado capsule into your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machine and have your perfect Cortado ready right away.
Take your pick from over 16 high quality coffee creations: choose from our range of intense espressos, smooth cappuccinos, aromatic Grandes, even hot chocolate, teas, and many more.
Each box contains 16 capsules designed for NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsule machines and allows you to prepare 16 cups of Cortado.
NUTRITION INFORMATIONUnitPer 100 g*Per serving 6.3g** 
Energy  Kcal  353  23
Energy (exclude fibre) kcal 328 21  
Protein g 19.0 1.2
Total Fat g 16.7 1.1
Monounsaturated Fatty Acid g 3.5 0.2
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid g 0.4 0
Saturated Fatty Acid g 10.4 0.7
Trans Fatty Acid g 0.9 0.1  
Cholesterol mg 83 5
Available Carbohydrates g 25.1 1.6
Sugars g 24.8 1.6
Dietary Fibre g 12.4 0.8
Sodium mg 358 23


Whole Milk Powder (Cow's Milk), Soluble Coffee, Stabilisers (Dipotassium Phosphate and Trisodium Citrate), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin).

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This one is my favorite!

It's not too strong, not too sweet. Milk and coffee all in one pod. So convenient and great taste.

Review by Gillian (Posted on 18/11/2017)
Tasted no difference from CAFÉ AU LAIT

but, brews a much smaller cup for coffee. And its soluble coffee, so defeat the purpose of the coffee machine. For those who prefer a full size cup of coffee with milk should go for CAFÉ AU LAIT.

Review by Grace (Posted on 15/07/2017)

A must-have drink to kick start my day and a booster cuppa in the afternoon to bring me till the end of each day. My love for Cortado will never waver as it's my best-love coffee from Dolce Gusto!

Review by Chuen Long (Posted on 12/07/2016)
Not the best, but reasonably good

It would be better with a bit of sugar. Bonus point is that it takes only one capsule to make.

Review by Zhichao (Posted on 12/07/2016)
Hot favorite

Cortado is one of the hot favorites. Only 1 capsule, no sugar and taste delicious. this is my morning coffee.

Review by Nuraini (Posted on 15/06/2016)
My favourite!

This is one of my favourite capsules. Don't need the hassle of 2 pods for the milk content. Very convienient for those who like milk in their coffee. Plus point that there's no sugar :)

Review by AT (Posted on 13/06/2016)
Fav flavour

This flavour is my favorite!! Always have it in the morning and afternoon!

Review by Dee (Posted on 11/06/2016)
This is the best

This flavour is so delicious. I am absolutely addicted. It is more milk than you would get with a traditional macchiato in Italy. The amount of milk and coffee is perfect. If you are thinking of trying it, I recommend it. I think you will like it.

Review by Natalie (Posted on 11/06/2016)
Bitter Sweet

Only when it feels like you want something different from Cappuccino after while, just for a moment

Review by Don Abahtiar (Posted on 10/06/2016)
Is nice, not so sweet.

Is nice, not so sweet.

Review by Chee Seng (Posted on 10/06/2016)

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