Grande Intenso
A world of rich, powerful taste
Transform your mornings with our Grande Intenso, a long intense cup with roasted coffee aroma, fruity notes reminiscent of black cherry, a full body and a fine crema.
Grande Intenso

Kick-start your mornings

Don't simply wake up -- get up! Our Grande Intenseo is perfect those looking for an extra dose of energy while enjoying the full, persistent coffee taste of a long cup.


How do you achieve the balance of a traditional Grande but with added intensity? It begins at the origins. Taste the pure intensity of 100% Arabica beans from South America. Thanks to our Grown Respectfully program, we help farmers and their communities grow responsibly these quality coffee beans, ensuring them a fair income while respecting the planet.

World map brownWorld map brown
Brazil coffee plantation


Very low acidity, Sweet & Nuts

From coastal areas to western lands, these Robusta and Arabica beans will surprise you with rich and fruity notes.

Colombian coffee plantation


Delicate | Balanced​

Cultivated in the sacred land of the Tayrona indigenous communities, this organic coffee delivers beautifully fruity, acidic and balanced flavor. Try it with our Lungo Colombia.


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