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Number of servings 16

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Flavor intensity: 5 of 12.
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Discover our 100% Arabica blend Americano and savor its exceptional aromas with stylish fruity notes of red grape and subtle cereal notes under a dense crema. Intensity 5.

Bean To reveal the elegant, smooth & round flavors of Americano, our coffee creators have delicately roasted a pure Arabica blend of premium Laos and Papua New Guinea coffee beans.
Taste Our high pressure machines (up to 15 bars), prepare professional quality coffees, with a dense, velvety crema.
CAFÉ AU LAIT Coffee freshness is preserved in our hermetically sealed capsules, for a rich and aromatic cup every time.
CAFÉ AU LAIT Simply slide your Café Au Lait capsule into your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machine and have your perfect Café au Lait ready right away.
CAFÉ AU LAIT Take your pick from over 19 high quality coffee creations: choose from our range of intense espressos, smooth cappuccinos, aromatic Grandes, even hot chocolate, teas, and many more.
CAFÉ AU LAIT Each box contains 16 capsules designed for NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsule machines and allows you to prepare 16 cups of Café Au Lait.
NUTRITION INFORMATIONUnitPer 100 gPer 100 mlserving*% GDA
 AMERICANO g as sold      
Energy (with fibers 8kJ/g)) kJ 1094 3 8  
Energy (with fibers 2kcal/g) kcal 267 1 2 <1%
Fat g 17,1 <0,1 <0,1 <1%
of which: saturates g 7,6 <0,1 <0,1 <1%
Carbohydrates g 0,2 <0,1 <0,1 <1%
of which: sugars g 0,2 <0,1 <0,1 <1%
Fibre (DP > 3) g 38,7 0,1 0,3  
Protein g 8,1 0,0 0,1 <1%
Salt g 0,01 0,00 0,01 <1%


Roast & Ground coffee

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Black coffee

Great choice for black coffee drinkers. 0% sugar! Good for health too.

Review by TC (Posted on 28/08/2021)
Spice up my morning

Love to go with Americano with sweet desserts. It's not too bitter and provide a smooth taste.

Review by Roadroller (Posted on 23/08/2021)
Best cold!

This is our second favourite after Lungo. I prefer to drink this cold. Balanced and nice aroma!

Review by Rachel (Posted on 23/08/2021)
Great coffee!

I have been purchasing this for years and the coffee is definitely better than what you can get in cafes.

Review by Grace (Posted on 23/08/2021)

Coffee is strong and good to use as a base just like an expresso drink.

Review by Rainn (Posted on 23/08/2021)
Great coffee to start your day

Great coffee to start your day

Review by Denn (Posted on 23/08/2021)
Easy Drink

If I already had my coffees in the day but still craving for more, I will drink this as it is a lighter drink than Grande Intenso.

Review by JL (Posted on 23/08/2021)
Good Americano

This is good, not bitter and good balance of coffee bitterness. My choice of everyday coffee.

Review by Irene (Posted on 17/08/2021)
Just the way I like my coffee

I like to drink regular North American diner-style coffee. I don't like bitter Italian-style coffees or espressos so this Americano tastes just the way I like it. I have also tried the Starbucks Americano but that one has a more smoky taste. This Americano is my regular everyday coffee.

Review by Ken (Posted on 17/08/2021)
Good alternative

Good option for a less strong drink. Good aroma and volume.

Review by Alvin (Posted on 17/08/2021)

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